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Heavy Duty Gas Griddles

schematic Rapid Recovery™ Series Gas Griddles

The Vulcan RRG series offers restaurant operators a heavy duty griddle solution that delivers high efficiency, high production capability and labor savings.

The proprietary composite griddle plate has the fastest heat transfer characteristics of any griddle design in its class. The RRG provides the operator with true "corner to corner" temperature uniformity - allowing them to use every square inch for production. Uniform temperature helps the kitchen deliver high quality product. The stainless steel cooking surface is easy to clean and doesn't require the use of caustic cleaners, griddle bricks or special tools.

schematic 900RX Series Gas Griddles

The 900RX Series is designed to meet the needs of full-menu, high volume casual dining and fast casual restaurants. Includes an electric spark ignition for convenient lighting, embedded snap-action thermostatic controls, full gas pilot and burner safety system. Vulcan griddles are built on a low-profile base that is a perfect choice for use on an equipment stand or refrigerated base to optimize cooking heights for the operator.

schematic MSA Series Gas Griddles

MSA Series griddles offer the same gas safety system and embedded snap-action controls of the 900RX Series but are standard with a manual ignition system. The all-mechanical control system makes this griddle an excellent choice for a restaurant that does not have electrical power on the line or has concerns about GFI circuit and the use of automatic spark ignition for their appliances.


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