PowerFry3™ Freestanding Fryer with KleenScreen PLUS®

Vulcan Equipment PowerFry3™ Freestanding Fryer with KleenScreen PLUS®
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  • Patented ThreePass™ Heat Exchanger
  • Significantly lower idle rate saves energy
  • Less than 750°F flue temperatures at maximum production rate
  • SoftStart™ ignition system heats cold oil gently, extending oil life
  • Standard with electronic ignition - power button starts the fryer instantly
  • Available with KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration System  

Featuring a unique, patented ThreePass™ Heat Exchanger, this ENERGY STAR® qualified fryer delivers shorter cook times for optimum throughput, quick temperature recovery, less oil absorption and reduced oil top-off.

best in class
energy star
Kitchen Innovations AwardGas Foodservice Equipment Network

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