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Vulcan and ITW Bolster Growth Strategy with New Leadership Appointments

Vulcan, the leading commercial cooking equipment provider, and parent company ITW Food Equipment Group (ITW FEG) announce new leadership appointments:

Tim Farno – Vice President/General Manager, ITW FEG Cooking – Chain & Retail Division

Farno will develop and implement the strategies needed to maximize the success of ITW FEG's North American Cooking platform with foodservice chain operations and retail organizations. He will oversee the Griddles & Charbroilers and Fryers business units, as well as the Baxter baking brand. Farno joins ITW with extensive executive, sales and management experience at Advantage Waypoint, Mars Food, Nestlé USA and Fishking/UniSea Foods.

Tim Murray – Vice President/General Manager, ITW FEG Cooking – Foodservice Division

Reflective of his new title, Murray will be responsible for non-chain operations in foodservice, focusing on Ovens, Ranges, Steam and Heated Holding, as well as Gaylord ventilation systems. 

Chris O'Herlihy, President of ITW FEG Worldwide, commented: "These changes are key components of our overall strategy and we expect to accelerate the development of unique, high-value products and services for our customers."

Paul Forrest – Chain Business Unit Manager, ITW FEG Cooking – Chain & Retail Division

Forrest will assume overall responsibility for developing key market strategies and driving growth initiatives for the Griddles & Charbroilers and Fryer businesses. A 23-year veteran of the Vulcan/ITW team, Forrest was promoted after successfully serving as the Business Unit Manager for Fryers. Under his leadership, the business was recognized for its product innovation with the revolutionary PowerFry™ product line.

Farno noted: "Paul brings great perspective and demonstrated operational, engineering and leadership competencies to this mission-critical role."

James Sherman – Director of Sales, Vulcan Food Equipment Group

Sherman will work closely with Vulcan's Field Selling Organization to increase sales across all segments. Sherman is a five-year Vulcan employee, most recently serving as a Sales and Marketing Manager in the Heated Holding and Fryer divisions. 

Debra Hanson, Vice President of Vulcan Food Equipment Group, commented: "Jim has extensive experience in all aspects of our business, which will prove invaluable as he supports our team and takes us to the next level."

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