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Vulcan Low Water Energy Steamer Wins Hotel Experience Award

December 13, 2017—Vulcan, the brand known for masterful design, precision performance and state-of-the-art innovation, has earned a 2017 Hotel Experience Show Editor’s Choice Award for its industry-first ENERGY STAR® certified electric floor steamer.

The Vulcan Low Water Energy (LWE) twin generator electric floor steamer earned the foodservice equipment award for being judged the best new foodservice product introduced in the last year. Without any sacrifice to cook time or quality, the LWE uses 90 percent less water and 50 percent less energy, enabling high-volume kitchens to maximize production, minimize downtime and achieve substantial cost savings.

“With its large capacity, energy- and resource-saving features and leading edge steaming technology, the LWE is perfect for busy hotel kitchens that require more from their equipment,” said David Sealfon, business unit manager, steam cooking. “And because there is less water and energy usage, the LWE significantly reduces operating costs and qualifies for ENERGY STAR rebates.”

The industry’s first and only full-powered, ENERGY STAR qualified electric floor steamer, the Vulcan LWE ET Series achieves a 67 percent cooking efficiency rating using advanced technology previously only available in Vulcan countertop steamers. Features of the LWE include: Smart Steam Sensors that continuously measure and regulate steam; Smart Fill technology that fills the water tank fast and keeps it full so as not to kill the boil; and, exclusive Smart Drain and Power Flush technology to reduce scale and maintenance expenses. Also available for the LWE is Vulcan’s recently launched proprietary SonicSafeTM ultrasonic scale fighting technology that eliminates the need for disposable scale filters.

The Hotel Experience is North America’s largest trade event for the hospitality industry, with some 400 exhibitors presenting a broad range of products and services that create a 360-degree impression of the guest experience. The Hotel Experience Editor’s Choice Award is the second industry award the Vulcan LWE steamer has won, having earned the Kitchen Innovations® 2016 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®.

To learn more about the LWE ET Series, visit electric-low-water-energy-floor-convection-steamer


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