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Vulcan PowerFry5™ Fryer Wins Again with NRA Kitchen Innovations® Award Joining Top Honors from GFEN, FCSI and FE&S

KIThe National Restaurant Association (NRA) has named Vulcan’s PowerFry5 Fryer as a recipient of the Kitchen Innovations® (KI) 2014 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®. The independent industry panel recognized the patent-pending FivePass™ Heat Transfer System in this ENERGY STAR® qualified fryer, which provides consistent performance in the most demanding of operations while reducing operating costs. 

The KI Award comes after accepting three other industry awards: 

The Gas Foodservice Equipment Network 2013 Blue Flame Award for Product of the Year 

The Foodservice Consultant Society International Top 10 Most Innovative Products for 2012 

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine Operator Best in Class in 2012 

“To receive another top industry recognition for our fryers is an honor,” said Paul Forrest, chain business unit manager for ITW FEG cooking – chain & retail division. “At Vulcan, we're committed to helping foodservice professionals streamline their operational needs with technologically advanced products. The PowerFry5 exemplifies our efforts to design equipment that quickly recovers and performs in the most demanding environments, all while reducing energy costs and delivering exceptional cooking results.” 

The PowerFry5 features a SoftStart™ ignition system which helps heat cold oil gently, extending oil life. With flue temperatures of less than 500°F with a full load, the fryer significantly reduces ventilation hood and air conditioning operating costs, and its low idle rate reduces gas consumption and saves energy.  

Vulcan will receive the KI Award at the NRA Show in Chicago, Ill., in May. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Kitchen Innovations Awards program, which recognizes products and services that improve the back of the house and benefit operators. An independent panel of industry experts judged products on their ability to improve quality, productivity, service and sustainability for operators.  

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