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Vulcan Redesigns Steam Jacketed Kettle Line to Better Meet Customer Needs

Vulcan announced its proven 2/3 jacketed steam kettle line has been redesigned to better meet the needs of its foodservice customer base. Steam jacketed kettles offer a larger heat surface and gentle uniform steam that results in higher quality and more consistently prepared soups, sauces, stews and more. It’s also quick and effective for browning meat and holding food without overcooking, scorching or burning. 


Specific features of the new kettles include: 

  • True working capacity – ellipsoidal bottom provides up to 50% more capacity than other products available on the market
  • Embossed gallon-liter markings – to help with ease-of-use and accuracy of measurements
  • Heavy bar rim – for added durability, protection and longer life in heavier volume environments
  • Intuitive – easy to use operator controls with warm, simmer and boil selections

Energy savings remains a key benefit of Vulcan kettles, as the larger surface results in more energy being transferred to the food. With range burners (vs. gas burners), heat is also focused on the bottom of the pan resulting in no burn spots or scorched liquids.

Additional aspects of Vulcan’s jacketed steam kettle line includes: 

  • Stationary Floor models have screw-on removable legs with adjustable flanged feet.
  • Floor and Counter tilting kettles have a highly-developed welded butterfly shaped pouring lip for superior pouring control.
  • Electric Counter models have field removable heating elements; water resistant design control housing with cleaning lock mechanism; and tilt handle mounted on right or left for controlled pouring.
  • Direct counter models include a steam control valve mounted on the trunnion, which eliminates counter or table top mounted valves.

Tim Murray, President of Vulcan, notes "For over 40 years, Vulcan's steam equipment has been recognized as the best in the industry for delivering better results, faster cooking times and improved energy efficiencies. To ensure our products remain innovative and relevant, we continually seek out end-user feedback and find opportunities to enhance our offerings."

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