InfraRed Technology in Your Kitchen

Vulcan's patented IRX™ (InfraRed eXtreme) technology maximizes productivity and increases energy efficiency. By utilizing true infrared heat, IRX™ takes burner technology to the next degree and helps restaurant operators reach new levels of performance, product quality and profitability.


what is IRX™ technology?

IRXIRX™ stands for Infrared Extreme, a true infrared platform that that brings productivity, energy savings and ease of operations to any kitchen.

what is infrared cooking?

Infrared is a form of light energy. We use these infrared waves to transfer heat to food more quickly and efficiently than traditional convection, conduction or radiant heat transfer methods allow. Cooking with infrared reduces the air circulation and eliminates convective heat transfer by separating the heat source from directly touching the food, resulting in a better food product.

a charbroiler comparison

VTEC Series Charbroiler featuring IRX™ Technology vs. Standard Charbroiler


A typical gas charbroiler uses a combination of convection and conduction cooking. As the burner heats, hot air rises and circulates (convection), which can pull moisture out of the food. The charbroiler grates also transfer heat by directly touching the food (conduction).

Vulcans VTEC charbroiler is engineered to create an infrared cooking profile using a patented burner design which converts the high temperatures of the burner box into infrared radiation through the emitter panel. A stainless steel cooking grate complements the system optimizing the infrared cooking profile. 

  • Increased production and consistency – heat is distributed evenly across the platform, allowing full use of the cooking surface
  • Significant energy savings – the VTEC consuming up to 50 percent less gas than convective radiant charbroilers
  • Reliable performance – the all stainless steel VTEC burner is corrosion resistant, impervious to spills and resistant to thermal shock
  • Increased product yield – the VTEC eliminates convective air movement that dries out product, allowing food to retain up to 30% more of its original moisture, resulting in succulent, flavorful results and less food waste
  • Easier and faster clean up – any debris that falls through the grates to the emitter pan turns to ash
  • Virtually no flare-ups – our patented grate design keeps grease away from the open flame

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