Vulcan ABC7-P combi Oven

Stop training.
Start cooking.

You shouldn’t have to take a class to learn how to use your combi. The Vulcan ABC7-P is as easy to operate as a convection oven. Just set temperature and time, and let the preprogrammed humidity do the rest. It’s the only restaurant combi oven anyone can just walk up to and start using. No training required.


Easy controls for more versatility.

The ABC7-P takes the complexity out of combi cooking and puts the power of versatility in your hands. Prepare about 90% of your menu, from grilled steaks with perfect caramelization to baked goods with flaky crusts, all in one inventively easy-to-use oven.

Try our combi simulator. Dial in temperature and time, and watch the humidity adjust automatically.

Onboard new hires faster.

Maintaining a strong team in your kitchen is both a priority and a challenge. When turnover does occur, the ABC7-P makes it easy to onboard new hires quickly, eliminating frustration for both of you. Because it works how experienced professionals are used to cooking, new team members are proficient immediately, regardless of language barriers.

Set the temperature, time, and go.

Anyone with the skill level to use a convection oven already knows how to use this combi. Operators can simply choose the temp + time, and the optimal humidity is auto set. With no training required, your kitchen can start experiencing the versatility of combi cooking immediately.

Showcase your artistry.

To bare your soul on every plate, you need to be able to focus on your artistry, not your oven’s interface. The ABC7-P hands you the reins so that you can achieve your vision. Roast, bake or poach beef, chicken, pork, veal, fish, and more exotic proteins to your selected temperature. Execute complicated bakes to perfection, from beef Wellington to baked Alaska. And keep appreciative customers coming back for more.

Control every setting with ease.

For chefs who want more autonomy, the ABC7-P hides nothing so you can control everything. Adjusting the auto-set humidity is as easy as turning a dial. Cook to exact temperatures with the integrated food probe. And select from three fan speeds to achieve perfectly even results, especially when cooking delicate items.

Focus on creating your menu, not programming it.

Most combi ovens are so complex, users often resort to using it as a steamer or convection oven, bypassing the speed, precision, and versatility of combi cooking. With the ABC7-P’s exclusive auto humidity settings, your kitchen can realize the benefits of combi cooking without the burden of programming every recipe and item on the menu. Right out of the box.

Maximize your investment.

Investing in a sophisticated combi oven takes careful consideration, but the benefits are clear: Faster ticket-to-table times, Higher yield with less waste, Increased overall product quality, and most importantly, happier customers and better reviews. If your combi is too complex, and you’re using it solely as a steamer or convection oven, you’re missing out. With the ABC7-P’s auto humidity settings, you’re always combi cooking, so you get the most out of your equipment every day.

Combi cooking without the learning curve.

Vulcan’s exclusive ABC algorithm lets you focus on what you do best—cook. We’ve stripped away complexity by presetting the ideal humidity based on temperature. So you’re always combi cooking, no matter what you’re preparing.

Engineered to make your life easier.

Easy, economical cleaning.

Just steam for 10 minutes, and wipe down. No special detergent required.

Cool, energy-efficient door.

Cool-to-the-touch, energy-efficient, heat-reflective, tempered glass door.

Safe-to-handle racks.

Standard with rack guides and (4) unique stainless steel wire racks with cutout design for easy access to pans.

ABC7-P Specifications

Vulcan Combi Oven, Gas/Electric, Boilerless, 7 level full-size combi, Model ABC-P with food probe and fan speed control

Electric: 208v/60/3-ph (field convertible to 1-ph); 240v/60/3-ph, (field convertible to 1-ph); 480v/60/3-ph

Gas: 80,000 BTU natural/propane gas with 120v NEMA 5-15P cord and plug

One year limited parts and labor warranty. (Two year K-12)

NOTE: Water is a customer supplied utility just like Gas and Electric to the equipment. Proper water filtration based on customer water quality is essential to meet the equipment water spec requirements. A suitable water treatment system and regular filter replacements coupled with routine cleaning/deliming is required.

ABC7-P Spec Sheets


External Height: 35”

External Width and Depth: 42.2” W x 43.5” D

Oven Height with Stand: 63.1”

Machine Weight: 580 lbs


  • ADDRACK-ABC1: (1) One additional Grab-N-Go Rack
  • ADDRACK-ABC3: (3) Three additional Grab-N-Go Racks
  • 1220-BASKET: Fry Basket 12” x 20”
  • STACK-ABC/E: Electric stacking kit for two ABC7E combis
  • STACK-ABC/CONV: Stack kit for combi/convection
  • STAND-ABC/SS: Stainless steel open frame stand
  • ABC-BASE: Stainless steel base for STAND-ABC/SS
  • HOSEWTR-3/4BBV: s/s flex water hose 72” length
  • CB15K-SYSTEM: Single Hollow Carbon Filter System, 15,000 gal. capacity
  • V3MRO-1: Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System—Capable of 100 gpd
  • V3MRO-2: Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System—Capable of 200 gpd
  • Other options and accessories are available
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