Similar to ordering individual dishes from a menu in a restaurant, these videos deliver individual equipment model training. Each session is led by Vulcan Chefs to cover details most valued in cooking operations.



À la carte

Earn CFSP Credit for Vulcan À la carte Online Training

Watching three separate À la carte Cooking Equipment Demonstration Training Episodes can qualify for CFSP manufacturer online product training sessions.  Just submit a summary for each video through our portal.

Precision Cooking | TCM & PreciPan™ Smart Technology

Automation technology is now entering the foodservice industry at a rapid pace. Vulcan's Intelligent Braising Pans and Combi Ovens make it easier to set up custom recipes so specific dishes can be repeated with precise delivery. Chef Pete demonstrates the measurable control of Vulcan's precision cooking.

VPP28E PreciPan™ Intelligent Braising Pan

From automatic water metering and basket lifts, to multizone cooking and easy clean up, you’ll see why the PreciPan™ is the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen.  Vulcan's Culinary Specialist, Chef Pete Schellenbach, demonstrates the many features and benefits of the PreciPan™ while creating two classic dishes.

2VHG75 QuickFry™

Vulcan's Culinary Specialist, Chef Pete Schellenbach, breaks in the new 2VHG75CF QuickFry™ with programmed timing to rapidly fry up two loads of crispy, juicy, golden brown hand-breaded chicken. Then see how easy and fast, with a turn of a lever, the KleenScreen PLUS® built-in filtration readies the station for what's next.  

Vulcan Heat Control | Ovens & Heated Holding

Did you know that Vulcan's Convection Ovens are at the top of their class? Learn why in this segment of à la carte by looking at some of the key differences that set us apart from the rest on delivering consistent results. We also look at the many Heated Holding options Vulcan offers to extend the readiness of food for service.

VG30 Braising Pan or Tilt Skillet

Why is the braising pan often called the workhorse of the kitchen? In this à la carte segment you will see why. Chef Pete keeps it classic, braising short ribs, while expounding on all the other ways a braising pan can provide versatility to the end user.

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Watch Chef Pete utilize the Vulcan K6ETT Kettle to cook creamy mashed potatoes.  Chef Pete will highlight Vulcan’s state-of-the-art features for improved ease of use and accuracy in any commercial operation.

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CEF Electric Countertop Deep Fryer + Frymate™ Dump Station

Vulcan's Countertop Electric Fryer, or CEF, is in a class by itself. In this à la carte segment we'll hear and see why the CEF delivers for challenging high volume frying operations with limited space. Chef Pete cooks classic fish and chips while explaining the exceptional energy efficiency it boasts. The Frymate™ makes an appearance as well as it's the perfect complement to the CEF.

IBEX Oven - The future of cooking is digital.

IBEX is the first of its kind technology and Chef Pete will teach you all about it. See croissants go from frozen to buttery and flaky in 9 1/2 minutes. Get a glimpse at the brilliant technology IBEX boasts as it adjusts to cooking multiple items at a time.

VCS - Versatile Chef Station

What can sear, boil, braise, shallow fry, simmer, sauté, steam and retherm all while taking up as little as 18" of space? Small but mighty - it's Vulcan's Versatile Chef Station, or VCS. In this episode of á la carte, watch Chef Pete demonstrate how simple cooking and cleaning with the VCS can be. 

VEG50 Fryer & MF1 Mobile Fryer Filtration System

Chef Pete showcases Vulcan's versatile new VEG50 Fryer. He’ll demonstrate how to go from breakfast to dessert, sports bar to fine dining with one piece of equipment.  Business Development Manager Mike Conway also demonstrates how fast and simple it is to use our mobile filtration system.


This training covers some of the most popular traditional heavy duty range top options – the hot top, French top, and fan favorite charbroiler. Chef Pete will showcase a delicious surf and turf dish on the French top and charbroiler and see just how much he can cook on the hot top!


Combi ovens are an incredibly versatile piece of cooking equipment that enable faster cooking, greater yield and higher product quality in any commercial kitchen. Tune in to watch Chef Pete use in Vulcan's full-size feature-packed TCM Combi Oven to execute on a broad menu of items including an Overnight Roast, Hot Honey Steamed Shrimp with Fresh Vegetables, Fried Chicken Salad and Chocolate Chip Cookies.


The Upright Broilers accommodate extremely high temperatures and allow any kitchen to conserve floor space while quickly producing food in high volumes. Available with infrared or radiant heat this video will help you understand the importance differences when helping a customer.

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VMCS Manual Clamshell

Whether a quick serve, fast casual, stadium or independent restaurant, the Vulcan Manual Clamshell works well in high volume operations, as well as kitchens with limited space available. Chef Pete highlights this speed advantage by cooking juicy burgers, chicken and cauliflower steaks.


Learn how Chef Pete Schellenbach utilizes the different top options of the Endurance™ Series Range to bring flexibility and reliability into any kitchen.  Chef executes a delicious frutti di mare, with fresh clams, mussels and shrimp. 


Chef Pete Schellenbach executes several dishes including thinly-sliced haddock, parmesan-crusted zucchini, broiled scallops and french onion soup on the Vulcan Salamander Broiler. Learn why salamander broilers elevate any operation by providing flexibility and versatility for many menu items.


Chef Pete demonstrates the benefits of Combi cooking in a space saving design. Watch beautifully executed dishes using the different cooking modes the Minijet™ Combi offers.


Establishing good oil management processes is critical for any frying operation. Chef Pete demonstrates how Vulcan's KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration System extends oil life, lowers operating and oil costs and delivers ROI for customers.


Chef Pete explains how the operating efficiency of a fryer impacts a foodservice operation’s bottom line.  We feature patented heat transfer systems, which enables the production of better-tasting food in shorter cook times.

VC4 and VC5 Convection Ovens

Consistent performance is key for convection ovens.  Chef Pete demonstrates the amazingly consistent results possible in both the VC4 and VC5 Convection Ovens.

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Vulcan’s Chef Pete Schellenbach walks you through the Vulcan EA Series Steamers. Learn about energy savings and easy-to-use features as chef Pete prepares a delicious dish.

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Vulcan’s Chef Pete Schellenbach walks you through the ABC7 Combi Oven. Learn about the unique and easy-to-use features of this combi oven.  Easy as A-B-C to prepare a trio of roasted menu items.

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Vulcan charbroilers set the standard for durability, performance and food quality in the foodservice industry. From the traditional VACB charbroiler to the innovative VTEC charbroiler, Vulcan offers equipment to match the operational and menu needs of many customers.

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Learn about the differences between Steel, Rapid Recovery™ composite and Chrome griddle plates. After watching this video, you will know which plate is best for different types of operations, menus and budgets.

VULCAN Versatility | Equipment Producing Different Results

Working with a full-line manufacturer of cooking equipment offers many benefits. Learn more about the Vulcan Difference and watch chef Pete Schellenbach utilize chicken as a base ingredient across multiple pieces of equipment.

VCH8 Cook And Hold Oven | Heated Holding Full Line Preview

Watch Chef Pete use the VCH8 Cook and Hold cabinet to produce a mouth watering prime rib, and then discuss the many additional benefits of using heated holding equipment in a commercial kitchen. 


Watch Chef Pete utilize the Vulcan VG30 Braising Pan to make several styles of mac & cheese – including cafeteria-style, banquet and fine dining.


Learn about the benefits of a finishing oven and how to execute a delicious menu with this useful piece of kitchen equipment. Menu items include shrimp scampi, crab cakes and pan-seared filet.