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Paul Forrest

The Case for High-Efficiency Fryers

When it’s time to upgrade or buy a new deep fryer, Vulcan’s ENERGY STAR® certified fryers not only save hundreds of dollars each year in utility costs but also enable more output, resulting in happier customers. To qualify for ENERGY STAR certification, a fryer must meet specific requirements on load cooking energy efficiency as well as idle energy rate.



To determine whether a product such as a Vulcan deep fryer is efficient, ENERGY STAR reviews the lifetime energy savings and the ability to deliver features and performance demanded by customers in addition to energy savings. It also considers price and if an ENERGY STAR certified product costs more than a traditional model, purchasers must be able to recover their investment through utility bill savings within a reasonable period.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes data on the efficiency levels on deep fryers and provides standards to make it easy to understand the savings.


Energy Savings = Cost Savings

Commercial fryers vary in power type, size and capacity as does the energy savings associated, so it’s always a good idea to reference the Fryer Life Cost Calculator to determine just how much your specific model will save. As a general benchmark, an ENERGY STAR certified commercial deep fryer is 30-35% more energy efficient than a traditional model. A standard sized gas fryer can accumulate $460 annually in gas savings, totaling $4,800 over the life of the product.

In addition to saving money, certified fryers may also offer shorter cook times, faster temperature recovery and extended oil life which can vastly reduce oil costs over time.

Our innovative fryers are easy to operate and maintain, maximizing your productivity and minimizing your restaurant’s operational costs. With faster recovery, they’re designed to be the most profitable pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen, day in and day out.

The ENERGY STAR certified Vulcan PowerFry5™ fryer is available in 50, 70 or 90 lb. models. These gas fryers offer solid state analog knob controls, solid state digital controls or programmable computer controls, and you should select the controls that will best support the needs of your operation.

If you are looking for a different level of output, Vulcan offers additional gas and electric ENERGY STAR certified fryers. To find the model that’s right for your operation, our Kitchen Equipment Guide tool can recommend your perfect fryer in just a few steps.

ENERGY STAR® Guide for Cafés, Restaurants, and Institutional Kitchens

How to Earn the Energy Star Label

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