Vulcan Charbroilers
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What Sets Vulcan Charbroilers Apart?

Operations large and small rely on Vulcan's line of charbroilers to flawlessly cook expensive menu items such as meats. Vulcan charbroilers are easy to clean, easy to light and offer a wide range of grates and accessories to fit any need.

Solid Construction

Heavy duty cast iron burners and radiants enable indirect heat for cooking menu items on the charboiler and are very durable.

Infuse your Menu with Vulcan's Smoker Base Accessory

Perfect for infusing fish, meat, chicken and more with a desirable, rich, smoky flavor, Vulcan's smoker base accessories are field-installed accessories compatible with VACB and VCCB charbroilers.

Many Grate Options

Each charbroiler is shipped standard with grates, but Vulcan also offers other styles to help you execute your menu with ease - round rod, waffle, straight grates and more.

3 Great Line-ups - 3 Great Solutions

VACB Supercharger Plates
Divider panels between each burner section improve heat distribution and cooking performance across the entire surface.
VTEC Infrared Burners
Use half the gas of a traditional charbroiler without affecting performance.
VCCB Cast Iron Grates
Sloped grates feature a cast in, pitched grease trough providing fat run-off and controlling flare-ups.