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Richard Manson Appointed Business Development Manager, ITW FEG Cooking – Chain & Retail Division

Richard MansonITW Food Equipment Group has named Richard Manson as Business Development Manager for its Cooking – Chain and Retail Division.  Manson will be responsible for business development supporting aggressive growth initiatives for the Fryer and Griddle/Charbroiler business units. 

Manson takes on this new role after playing a major part in the development of new product innovation with Vulcan’s new revolutionary PowerFryTM product line.  Prior to joining ITW Food Equipment Group, Manson served as a Mechanical Design Engineer for JEM Engineering and Austin Mohawk & Company. 

Richard brings different experiences to his new assignment and has a proven track record of success which will be invaluable as we accelerate the development of unique, high-value products and services for our customers," commented Paul Forrest, Chain Business Unit Manager, ITW FEG Cooking – Chain & Retail Division. 

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