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Vulcan Announces Corporate Sponsorship with International Corporate Chefs Association

ICCAEquipment Insights from Top 200 Multi-Unit Operators Will Influence Future Product Innovation  

Vulcan, a leading commercial cooking equipment provider, is now a 2014 Corporate Sponsor of the International Corporate Chefs Association (ICCA). The ICCA is the first association designed exclusively for the highest ranking culinarians from the nation’s top 200 multi-unit operations. 

The ICCA provides an opportunity for these professionals to network and share ideas to help foodservice operators remain on the cutting edge of technology. Vulcan’s sponsorship will enable them to participate in these events and exchange the most up-to-date information and insights on cooking equipment. 

“Many of our products, including the PowerFry5TM Series Fryer, Rapid RecoveryTM Griddle and VTEC Charbroiler, have proven they can meet the productivity and energy efficiency needs of the best foodservice operators. By becoming a Corporate Sponsor of ICCA, we can further understand where the multi-unit industry is heading and ensure we continue to innovate equipment with the end-users in mind,” said Tim Farno, vice president/general manager for Vulcan/ITW FEG cooking – chain & retail division. 

Jason Prondzinski, vice president of global national accounts at ITW FEG, said, “This sponsorship gives Vulcan the opportunity to work with chefs from top multi-unit establishments across the nation, expanding our understanding of the real-life challenges chefs face in their kitchens every day. Through this partnership, we will continue to learn how to improve our product portfolio to meet operator needs.” 

“The ICCA has a large percentage of members with international operations and the need for new skills and contacts around the globe,” said Kevin Ryan, chief executive officer and executive director of International Corporate Chefs Association. “As the leader in commercial cooking equipment and with connections worldwide, Vulcan is a perfect partner for us.”

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