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Vulcan Cook & Hold Ovens Deliver Consistent Performance

 Low Temperatures Enhance Food’s Flavor and Appearance 

Vulcan, the leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment, offers foodservice operations the perfect combination of cooking performance and value with its Cook & Hold Ovens. Operating at a lower temperature than standard or convection oven, Vulcan Cook & Hold Ovens use gently recirculated, heated air that moves uniformly and consistently around meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables and more. The lower cook temperature delivers maximum results as meats come out naturally browned and flavorful, seafood is moist and appetizing and vegetables are colorful and nutritious.

Chef Mary Dess with Milwaukee Area Technical College noted, “After conducting a variety of tests, the Vulcan Cook & Hold Oven had superior yields, better overall appearance and excellent taste and juiciness of meats. We also performed tests of drying and roasting produce. In each test, the product came out perfect. The Vulcan Cook & Hold Oven is versatile and keeps a high yield - helping us all combat high food costs.”

Available in the VRH Restaurant Series or VCH Institutional Series, Vulcan Cook & Hold Ovens have intuitive, easy-to-use cooking controls and are designed with a stainless steel interior and exterior for maximum durability and longevity. Features and benefits include: 


VRH Restaurant Series

  • Available as a single or double compartment
  • 250°F thermostat allows roasting and rethermalization without oven hoods in most areas
  • Removable wire shelves for easy cleaning
  • Mechanical temperature controls and heavy duty door latch

VCH Institutional Series

  • Available in four sizes
  • 350°F thermostat offers advanced flexibility for all cook and hold applications including baking
  • Interior pan supports removable for easy cleaning
  • Solid state temperature controls and heavy duty door latch

"We understand consistent performance is crucial for the success of any foodservice establishment. Operators and chefs need an oven they can rely on for maximum cooking performance and great results every time. Vulcan has fully solved this need with our Cook & Hold Ovens," said Jim Sherman, Sales & Marketing Manager for Holding & Transport, Vulcan.

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