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Vulcan Electric Counter Convection Steamers Maximize Production and Minimize Energy, Labor and Space

 PowerSteam™ Series and Basic Steamers Provide Efficient Alternative to Energy Stove-Top Cooking 

Vulcan, the leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment, delivers faster cooking times to foodservice operations with its Electric Counter Convection Steamers. The continuous high-volume steam increases production while saving energy and reducing operating costs. Additionally, Vulcan's Steamers provide greater versatility to cooking, offer a healthier method of food preparation and eliminate heavy lifting of stock pots as food is fully cooked within the unit.

Constructed with a durable stainless steel exterior and cooking compartments with coved interior corners, Vulcan's Electric Counter Convection Steamers provide back-of-house flexibility as the units are stackable and able to sit on a stand or on a countertop. Because of this, the high-production Steamers maximize space and allow new items to be added to the menu without incurring a major kitchen renovation/expansion. The Vulcan Steamers also have a heavy duty door and latch mechanism and long-life door gasket with exclusive Vulcan pan guard.

Specific features for each include:

PowerSteam™ Series

  • Super-heated 235ºF high energy steam
  • Staged water fill
  • Deluxe controls with 60-minute timer, buzzer and constant steam feature, cook/ready light and power switch
  • High output stainless steel steam generator with auto SmartDrain PowerFlush™ System


  • Manual controls with 60-minute timer, buzzer and ready light
  • High output stainless steel steam generator with manual SmartDrain PowerFlush™ System

"With evolving food trends inspiring regular menu changes, Vulcan's line of Electric Counter Convection Steamers allow our customers to successfully meet their cooking needs without sacrificing space, taste and performance. And backed by a two-year warranty against water-related failures, you can be confident our Steamers deliver maximum productivity and operational efficiency," said Mike Burke, Product Line Manager, Steam Division. 

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