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Vulcan FEG Named Outstanding Supplier in Cooking Equipment

 SOUTH BARRINGTON, Ill. – Vulcan FEG, based in Baltimore, Md., was named the SEFA Outstanding Supplier in Cooking Equipment at the SEFA 25th Annual Awards Banquet on April 13, 2011 at The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii. 


"Vulcan has demonstrated excellence in training, support and service in Cooking Equipment and we're proud to recognize them," said SEFA President, Tedde Reid. Winners of SEFA's Outstanding Supplier Awards are selected by secret ballot of the total Membership. These awards are based on support of SEFA Members and Marketing & Training programs, customer service in the field, innovation and market leadership within each category

This year to commemorate SEFA's 25th Anniversary celebration in Hawaii, the award itself included a Ka Makau fish hook made of native Hawaiian koa wood, an ancient Hawaiian symbol of responsibility, honor, hard work and success.

About SEFA 

SEFA, Supply & Equipment Foodservice Alliance, Inc., is a nationwide network of leading supply and equipment dealers and manufacturers. Located in South Barrington, SEFA has grown to be the industry's leading foodservice buying, marketing and training group. SEFA was founded in 1986, by Tedde Reid, President. For more information, visit

About Vulcan Food Equipment Group 

Vulcan, Wolf and Berkel are associated with the Vulcan Food Equipment Group, which is a division of ITW Food Equipment Group. Vulcan commercial cooking equipment is known for masterful design, precision performance and state-of-the-art innovation. For over 130 years, Vulcan has been recognized by chefs and operators throughout the world for top quality and energy efficiency. Wolf equipment, for more than 70 years, has provided simple, trouble-free performance and exceptional durability for the most demanding kitchen environments. For over 100 years, Berkel unique combination of experience and innovation has made it a name synonymous with quality foodservice slicers, mixers, vacuum packaging and more. Visit or for more information.

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Photo: (shown from left to right) Jim Reid, Owner & CFO, SEFA; Jim Cullinane, Vice President, Vulcan Food Equipment Group; Larry Lyons, General Manager, Vulcan Steam

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