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Vulcan Introduces Eight New Products at the 2017 NAFEM Show

Expands Trusted Product Portfolio with Cutting-Edge Innovations

February 22, 2017--- Vulcan, the leading provider of commercial cooking equipment, debuted eight new products at this year’s North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (“NAFEM”) Show held on February 9-11, 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

These new products, which were displayed as part of Vulcan's comprehensive product portfolio, exemplify the spirit of innovation for which the Vulcan name has long been known: 

  • VC5G Convection Oven—Vulcan’s innovative VC5G Gas Convection Oven features the industry’s first removable, dishwasher-safe doors for easy cleaning. The grab-and-go oven racks, digital time/temperature read-outs and intuitive controls make it our easiest oven yet.
  • Flame Safety Ranges—Vulcan's EnduranceTM Flame Safety Ranges have durability and versatility to support evolving menus, with advanced safety features for peace of mind. A fully integrated flame safety system stops gas flow if the standing pilot light is extinguished.
  • VACB Charbroiler with Smoker Base—Enhancing charbroiled flavors with the trending smoke-cooking process is easier than ever with Vulcan’s VACB Charbroiler and Wood Assist Achiever Smoker Base. The Smoker Base accommodates wood chips, blocks or logs, and infuses fish, meat, chicken and more with rich, smoky flavor.
  • CEF Countertop Fryer—The heavy duty CEF Countertop Fryer achieves consistent food quality and high productivity with solid state analog controls, all while being ENERGY STAR® certified. Plus, it’s built to be placed atop a refrigerator or freezer base to optimize kitchen footprint. 
  • MinijetTM Combi Oven—Temperature plus time. It’s how professionals cook. Finally, Vulcan’s new Minijet Oven brings the simplicity operators need. Using our exclusive “ABC” algorithm, the Minijet selects the perfect humidity for consistently fantastic results.
  • LWE Floor Steamer—The LWE Floor Steamer is designed to reduce water usage by 90% and energy usage by 50% versus traditional steamers, without sacrificing cooking time. Plus, it’s ENERGY STAR® certified and requires less filter maintenance and scale cleaning.
  • VEG Fryer—Our VEG Fryer is designed to cook more pounds per hour than a standard economy fryer while maintaining a value price point. Even better, it’s ENERGY STAR® certified—reducing operating costs and qualifying the unit for rebates at time of purchase.
  • VHU Humidified Heated Holding Cabinet—Vulcan’s industrial insulated humidified cabinets automatically adjust to the perfect humidity setting—eliminating guesswork and additional training for staff. Ergonomic, top-mounted controls allow ultimate ease of use and comfort.

“We were delighted to showcase these extraordinary products,” said Brenda Rice, Director of Marketing for Vulcan. “Each embodies Vulcan’s 150-year tradition of offering top-quality, energy efficient foodservice equipment designed to help operators overcome their daily challenges and consistently produce exceptional results.”

This year’s NAFEM Show brought together more than 500 equipment manufacturers, including industry icon Vulcan, one of the world's largest manufacturers of commercial cooking equipment.


Masterful design. Precision performance. State-of-the-art innovation. For more than 150 years, Vulcan has been recognized by chefs and operators throughout the world for top-quality, energy efficient commercial cooking equipment that consistently produces spectacular results. Trust Vulcan to help make your culinary creations turn out just right—each and every time. Vulcan is part of ITW Food Equipment Group. For more information, visit

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