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Vulcan Introduces New Heavy Duty Plancha Gas Range

Leading commercial kitchen equipment provider Vulcan announced today the launch of its Heavy Duty Plancha Gas Range with benefits exceeding all others in its class. With an improved modular design and easy-to-clean features perfected for foodservice needs, the Vulcan plancha offers the ultimate cooking experience with durable stainless steel body construction.  

With the multifunctional ability to sear and finish on the ½" polished steel cooking plate, chefs can conveniently cook without pots and pans and easily transfer food. Producing high temperatures, this energy-saving equipment decreases customer wait times by evenly cooking food faster than any earlier gas range technology. 


Features and benefits of the new Plancha Gas Range also include: 

  • 18" Cooktops – Allows for separate, designated cooking sections for different menu items; available for purchase as single or dual
  • 17,500 BTU/Hr. - Creates searing temperatures up to 840 degrees; sustains even heat distribution on the perimeters to finish food products
  • Energy Efficient – High heat formed from low BTU/hr. creates fast transfer of heat
  • 3-Sided Grease Trough and Drawer – Easy clean up with these simple-to-remove and dish machine safe pieces; helps keep the range and chefs safe from damages of hot grease

Dual model available as modular on 4" legs, or on cabinet base, standard oven, convection oven, finishing oven, or refrigerated base.

Tim Murray, President of Vulcan, notes, "Vulcan continues to step up to the challenge of creating the highest quality cooking equipment for foodservice professionals. We consistently consult with chefs and operators to find ways to innovate and design products that are intuitive and better meet their needs. The new Heavy Duty Plancha Gas Range supports this effort and showcases Vulcan as a leader in the industry, providing durable, energy efficient, and easy-to-operate equipment."

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