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Vulcan Introduces New Restaurant Series Countertop Line-Up Creating Optimal Productivity and Cooking Experience


Vulcan, a leading commercial equipment provider, introduces the new Restaurant Series Countertop Line-up containing best-in-class griddles/charbroilers and hotplate. Designed to meet the needs of professional chefs, the new countertop line delivers the performance and optimal response time required for independent operators.

The equipment's masterful design exceeds expectations with advanced cooking features, a polished new look, and stainless steel for added durability and longer life span. Each cook top is gas operated, provided with an LP conversion kit, and has 4" adjustable legs for easy height variation based on preference.

The new Restaurant Series Countertop Line-up features: 

Griddles – With a thicker and deeper plate than competing brands, Vulcan griddles increase production capacity and have more surface area, thus improving ticket times.

  • Embedded Snap-Action Thermostat- Only compact counter line restaurant series with this unique griddle feature; same used in Vulcan's heavy duty counter line; provides more precision control than a surface mounted thermostat.
  • Pilot Safety Valves- Unique valve design helps protect users; if supervised pilot extinguishes, system will completely shut off all gas to pilot and burners.

Charbroiler – Low profile cook top is full of smart and intuitive details, including a full-width crumb tray to catch grease and debris for easier clean-up.

  • Highest Quality Materials- Built off a 27" chassis with cast iron burners, top grates, and radiants; proven to last longer, helping maximize equipment investment.
  • Underburner Deflector System- Unique system reflects heat upwards creating a "Cool Zone" in the tray and drip areas.

Hotplate – Run at peak efficiency and reduce clean-up with Vulcan's hotplate, which has a full-width, easy-to-empty front crumb tray.

  • Best-of-Class Design- Two-piece burner allows ease of cleaning and minimizes impact of spills.

"We continually work closely with industry professionals to develop and improve our products to reflect the best-in-class criteria we've set for all Vulcan equipment," said Tim Murray, President of Vulcan. "The new Restaurant Series Countertop Line-up shows our direct commitment to fulfill the foodservice industry's needs for durability, innovative features and customization. We're confident each piece of our equipment will meet the performance requirements of any kitchen environment. "

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