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Vulcan Introduces Unique Just 4 Schools Program to Support K-12 Foodservice Evolving Needs

 Long-Time Industry Expert Mike Burke Appointed to New Vulcan K-12 Ambassador Role 

k12Vulcan, the leading commercial cooking equipment provider, launches a new Just 4 Schools Program to better meet the changing food preparation needs of the K-12 segment. The first of its kind in the equipment industry, Vulcan’s Just 4 Schools Program makes it easier for K-12 operators to offer healthier meals to students. To further serve as a partner, Vulcan also named Mike Burke as its K-12 Ambassador. Burke, who is a Certified Food Service Professional, School Nutrition Specialist and ServSafe Certified, is responsible for ensuring Vulcan continues to provide the right products, service, training and support for K-12. 

Over the past 20 years, American businesses and families have saved nearly $230 billion on utility bills and prevented greenhouse gas emissions equal to those from more than 350 million vehicles with help from ENERGY STAR.

The four key elements of Vulcan’s Just 4 Schools Program include:

  • Cooking & Holding Product Portfolio: A full line of convection ovens, steamers, braising pans, kettles, heated holding cabinets and more
  • Unique Warranty and Maintenance Program: Provides technical documentation and certifies qualified in-house staff to perform warranty repairs, so there’s less kitchen downtime
  • Try Before You Buy: Risk free for 90 days, with free installation and demo on select equipment to make sure your purchase is a perfect fit
  • Extended 2-Year Warranty: On all Just 4 Schools equipment

mike"After speaking with numerous K-12 foodservice operators it was clear we, as equipment providers, could do a lot more to help them adapt to the new USDA guidelines," said Mike Burke, Vulcan K-12 Ambassador. "Equipment in general also can be a source of frustration, so we wanted to do everything possible to alleviate many of those pain points. With our proven set of cooking and holding equipment, deep industry knowledge and nationwide service and support, Vulcan’s Just 4 Schools program is truly designed to help keep kitchens running so you can provide tasty, nutritious meals to kids—every day."

Burke, who has been with Vulcan for more than 20 years, first became involved with the School Nutrition Association in 1982. Since then he has attended numerous SNA national and state events and actively participates in the Child Nutrition Industry Conference and National Legislative Action Conference.

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