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Vulcan ITW Announces Leadership Promotion and Two New Hires

Vulcan and ITW Food Equipment Group (ITW FEG) announce three new appointments. Tim Welsh is now serving as sales director and Stacey Turek has been hired as business development manager for the chain cooking business unit. Cedric Stinson has been hired as business development manager for the steam cooking business unit for the foodservice division. 

Tim Welsh, Sales Director, Chain Cooking Business Unit 

Tim WelshWelsh will be responsible for managing and coordinating several initiatives for Vulcan’s recently formed Chain and Retail Division, including the development of new chain business and continuing the sales momentum through its industry-leading dealer/field selling organization community. He also will oversee a specialized chain business development team to align with and support sales efforts of products available throughout the organization. A 10-year veteran of the Vulcan and ITW team, Welsh was promoted after successfully serving as the business development manager for griddles/charbroilers. During this time he assisted with several innovative product line enhancements. He also helped the business achieve year over year growth for more than four years by securing new chain business and growing sales in other market segments. 

Paul Forrest, chain cooking business unit manager, said, “Tim’s proven performance in sales and product innovation gives him the valuable skill set necessary to work closely with our customers to identify and develop equipment solutions for their specific needs.” 

Stacey Turek, Business Development Manager, Chain Cooking Business Unit 

Stacy TurekTurek will leverage her experience in strategic business-to-business environments to help drive sales growth for Vulcan and Wolf cooking product categories. In collaboration with the ITW National Accounts team, field sales organization and dealer community, her focus will be on increased penetration of new multi-unit national and regional chain accounts. Turek was previously the national accounts director at Star Manufacturing and a product manager with the Star, Lang and Holman divisions within the Middleby organization. 

Welsh said, “With Stacey’s 14 years of B2B and cooking equipment experience, I am confident she will be a driving force that helps take our business to the next level.” 

Cedric Stinson, Business Development Manager, Steam Cooking Business Unit 

StinsonStinson will be responsible for business development, sales support and product/segment marketing to support growth strategies for the Steam Cooking Division. Cedric joins ITW with sales and customer business management experience at TriMark Strategic and Kraft Foods. 

Larry Lyons, steam business unit manager, said, “Cedric’s track record of success will deliver a unique perspective and further our reputation for being the leading provider in commercial cooking equipment.”

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