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Vulcan Receives 10 FE&S Magazine 2011 Best in Class Awards

 Recognition Earned in Multiple Product Categories: Griddles, Ranges, Charbroilers, Ovens & Fryers 

Vulcan, the leading provider of commercial cooking equipment, again receives industry recognition by winning ten 2011 Best in Class Awards fromFoodservice Equipment & Supplies. Every year the magazine polls its subscribing foodservice operators, consultants and dealers about products spanning 48 categories. They are asked to evaluate manufacturers on seven critical characteristics that impact their purchasing decisions: product quality, value, design & aesthetics, inventory & availability and information availability as well as service & support and sales representation.

For 2011, Vulcan received the following FE&S awards:

Overall Best in Class 


Operators' Best in Class 


Dealers' Best in Class 

• Charbroilers
• Countertop Griddles
• Ranges, Gas or Electric


• Charbroilers
• Convection Ovens
• Ranges, Gas or Electric


• Charbroilers
• Countertop Griddles
• Free Standing Floor Fryers
• Ranges, Gas or Electric


FE&S noted, "Every foodservice equipment manufacturer contributes to the industry’s success in its own way. The fact remains that only a few have earned the right to claim they are truly 'Best in Class' in the eyes of their customers. That's because the only way to achieve this elite status is to provide value in multiple ways as defined by customers."

Tim Murray, VP/GM of Vulcan FEG Cooking, adds "Being recognized by customers and dealer representatives is the highest honor possible. We are proud that so many of our product categories received a 'Best in Class' award this year, and this only further reaffirms we are on the right track to providing quality, innovative products engineered with the end user in mind."

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