Vulcan Ranges
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What Sets Vulcan Ranges Apart

The name you trust and the 150 year heritage to back it. Vulcan's line of best in class ranges offers tailored configurations to fit your unique operation. Durable construction and customer-backed features lower overall cost of ownership and provide structural integrity for years of reliable use.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Create your perfect workstation with our customizable options. Choose from over 300 range configurations in both gas and electric, medium and heavy duty.

Welded to Last

It's a common misconception that all ranges come with a frame (and one that's welded). The structural integrity of our ranges is second to none with a fully welded steel frame.

Fewer Pilots, Fewer Problems

Our flashtube pilot system (one pilot per two burners located at the midpoint) means pilots are less likely to extinguish due to a boil-over or get clogged with grease. Fewer pilots also reduces energy consumption, saving $300 a year on average.

The Range Buying Guide

With so many options available, the decision to purchase a range can be overwhelming. Our helpful buying guide will have you cooking in no time.