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6 Pan Electric Floor Steamer (Convection) - Low Water Energy

Model: #C24ET6-LWE

6 Pan Electric Floor Steamer (Convection) - Low Water Energy

Model: #C24ET6-LWE

Pan Capacity: 12" x 20" x 2.5" = 6

Power Source: Electric

Input (kW): 17

Type: Generator Based

Configuration: Floor

Low Water Energy (LWE): Only ENERGY STAR certified food steamer in its class. Uses 50% less energy with 90% less water consumption vs. traditional models. No sacrifice in cook times utilizing smart steam control

Dual cooking cavities equipped with independent steam generators and controls including 60-minute timer, buzzer, constant steam feature, cook/ready lights and an illuminated power switch

Twin high output stainless steel generators with auto SmartDrain and PowerFlush™ system

Staged 2-speed water fill for fast initial fill and slow refill to maintain the boil and steam production during the cooking cycle

Stainless steel exterior with stainless steel cooking compartment also featuring coved corners

Heavy duty door and latch mechanism built to last

Long-life door gasket with exclusive Vulcan pan guard

Split water line connection - filtered and unfiltered water

Drain connection and two external deliming ports

Stainless steel exterior

Two stainless steel cooking compartments with coved interior corners

Two stainless steel steam generators with staged water fill, and Smart Drain System (timed drain) with PowerFlush

Separate 60 minute timer with constant steam feature and illuminated power switch for each compartment

Ready/Cook indicators

Heavy duty doors and door latch mechanisms with gasket guard

Stainless steel water resistant cabinet base with enclosed bottom

6" adjustable stainless steel legs with flanged feet

Shipped for 208/60-50/3 electrical service. Can be field converted to 208/60-50/1 and 240/60-50/3 and 240/60-50/1. Note: LWE Models are 3 Phase only

Split water line connection. Treated and untreated water connections, 3⁄4" NSHT. 11⁄2" NPT drain connection

One year limited parts and labor warranty

6 Pan Electric Floor Steamer (Convection) - Low Water Energy

Model: #C24ET6-LWE

CB30K Carbon Block filtration (for water treatment with Ultrasonic Scale Prevention)

CB30K PM Kit includes replacement cartridge

SMF620 ScaleBlocker® water treatment system, includes second year warranty (for water treatment without Ultrasonic Scale Prevention)

SMF620 PM kit, includes cartridge and ScaleRelease

Stainless steel pan

Stainless steel pan cover

Stainless steel water connection hoses

Heat shield for control side

6 Pan Electric Floor Steamer (Convection) - Low Water Energy

Model: #C24ET6-LWE

PowerSteam™ includes: Superheated Steam System. 235°F cooking temperatures

LWE includes: Low Water / Low Energy Control System. Reduces water consumption up to 90% and electrical consumption up to 50%. ENERGY STAR® certified

480 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase

Steamer Security Package, includes controls protected by lockable cover, security fasteners & tack-welds

Second year extended limited parts and labor warranty contract

6 Pan Electric Floor Steamer (Convection) - Low Water Energy

Model: #C24ET6-LWE


Exclusive, patented innovations set Vulcan steamers apart. Advanced technologies in our electric generator steamers deliver significant, real-world advantages—whether your priority is minimizing maintenance, maximizing efficiency or reducing cook times. Every Vulcan steamer is built for durable, long-lasting performance in the most demanding kitchen environments. 


Exclusive Smart Fill technology

Initiates high-speed “power fill” to reduce startup time, with automatic “trickle fill” to maintain steam without killing the boil. Start cooking faster and enjoy non-stop steam, maximizing productivity. 

Patent-pending, high-efficiency steam generator

Internal HE Generator produces steam and circulates in a continuous flow inside the cavity, delivering more precise steam control with no taste transfer. 

SmartDrain™ and PowerFlush™ technology

Innovative sloped bottom generator design and high water pressure create a powerful venturi effect to flush out particulates at shutdown, reducing scale buildup and risk of backup due to blockage. 

Durable Features for Powerful Performance

No matter which Vulcan steamer you choose, you can trust that it’s built to the highest quality and performance standards in the industry. 

Beauty + Function

Vibrant, succulent, nutritious. Anything prepared in our steamers—vegetables, seafood, meats and more—is a gift for the senses.

Demonstrations are the best way to get a close-up look at what sets Vulcan products apart. Simply contact us to arrange a no-obligation meeting.