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Ann Holtzapple

Customer Back Innovation: How it Continues to Shape our Products

Vulcan Is Proud of Our Superior Food Service Equipment

We’re proud of our lineup of superior products at Vulcan and of innovating products that directly address our customers’ needs. From precision performance to unprecedented energy efficiency, our food service equipment solutions aren’t just state of the art. Because we develop our ranges, ovens, griddles, fryers, charbroilers, and steam equipment directly for the end-user, our products uniquely address pain points to strategically enhance kitchen operations. Here’s a closer look at three examples of Vulcan products which exemplify our commitment to customer back innovation.


1. The ABC Combi Oven’s Simple Controls

After conducting extensive research, we learned that operating Combi Ovens was a major pain point for school food service personnel. Digital touchscreens, complicated modes, and other fussy details were confusing operators and causing issues in the kitchen. In response to this problem, we developed the ABC Combi Oven with simple, intuitive controls.  Operators just need to set the time and temperature and the humidity adjusts automatically. The result? Greater ease of use and a smoother flow in the kitchen.


2. The Countertop Fryer’s Small Footprint

Originally designed for a fast casual restaurant chain with high productivity needs, our CEF Countertop Electric Fryers address a common concern in commercial kitchens: a shortage of space. CEF fryers offer all of the cooking benefits of traditional electric floor models, but are designed to sit on a refrigerated or freezer base, improving workflow and optimizing the frying footprint. With ribbon-style electric heating elements that swing up for easy cleaning and solid state analog controls, operators will achieve fast recovery times and cook consistent food from batch to batch. It’s never been easier to create greater efficiencies in your back of house.


3. The VC5G’s Convection Oven’s Removable Doors

The VC5G Convection Oven acknowledges a significant pain point in the food service industry: equipment cleaning and maintenance. A “lift-off” feature — the only one of its kind in the industry — means oven doors can be easily removed and run through the dishwasher or 3-compartment sink, thereby minimizing the amount of time and effort needed by the operators to clean the doors. Factor in window transparency from clean oven doors to take the guesswork out of consistently cooking excellent food; cut-out racks to allow safer, more efficient oven access; easy-to-use controls; and the industry’s highest energy efficiency, and the VC5G is positively packed with user-forward features.

At Vulcan, there’s nothing more important to us than helping food service professionals consistently deliver high-quality food to their customers. In maintaining our focus on the end-users, we are uniquely positioned not only to understand their pain points, but to respond with innovative products with the potential to transform how kitchens operate.


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