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28 Gallon PreciPan™ Electric Intelligent Tilting Braising Pan

Model: #VPP28E

28 Gallon PreciPan™ Electric Intelligent Tilting Braising Pan

Model: #VPP28E


(W x D x H):


27.3" x 24.7" x 10.6"


43.3" x 38.3" x 39.4"


52.8" x 44.5" x 50"

Automatic water filling of the well to specific preset volumes or manually trigger, including audible prompt to alert when completed

3-zones temperature controlled cooking

Automatic preheat function

Lid stops in place for vented cooking

Visual display of set and actual temperature, 80-482°F

Assistance mode for manual cleaning and retractable spray hose

Locking control screen for cleaning or during cooking

Recording of cooking for transfer via USB stick on HACCP software

0.6" thick bimetallic plate with 316 stainless steel cooking surface

USB port and multi point food probe socket

One-year limited parts and labor warranty (two-year for K-12)

28 Gallon PreciPan™ Electric Intelligent Tilting Braising Pan

Model: #VPP28E

VPP-PROBE Multi-point temperature food probe

VPP-BASKET 2 Wire Mesh Baskets


VPP-STRAINER28 Strainer Insert

VPP-BACKPANEL Back panel enclosure

VPP-CASTER28 Caster frame kit for 28 gallon

28 Gallon PreciPan™ Electric Intelligent Tilting Braising Pan

Model: #VPP28E

28 Gallon PreciPan™ Electric Intelligent Tilting Braising Pan

Model: #VPP28E

Why Vulcan Braising Pans?

Evenly distributed heat with precise control is the key to getting the most from a braising pan.  Vulcan combines best-in-class design with robust quality components to control tilt action for managing large batches with ease.

What is an intelligent tilting braising pan?

Automated precision multi-zone cooking in one piece of equipment. Boil, braise, sauté, sear, and more at the touch of a button — and clean with ease. PreciPan™ saves space under your hood, increases production, and reduces training costs.

Auto Lift:

Add basket accessory to easily cook pasta, retherm, and more.

Auto Tilt:

Dispense with precision and ease.


Auto Fill:

Preset volumes of water, with audible alert when completed.


Auto Drain:

Tilt-free draining with removable drain plug.

Ergonomic Intuitive Controls

Twin control with LCD touchscreen and turn/push knob.


Auto Control Menu

Smart. Precise. Multifunctional. Whether you’re boiling pasta or searing scallops when you select a pre-programmed recipe in Auto Mode PreciPan™ automatically sets the temperature, time, and even fills the tank with water – with precision. The large touch screen and menu prompts make it simple to follow instructions, leading to consistent results and freeing up your time to get more done.

  • Access pre-programmed recipes library, load new ones, and create favorites for consistent results time and again
  • Convenient USB port for loading recipes

Manual Control For Flexibility

Creating a new special of the day?  The manual controls selection provides intuitive adjustment for zoned cooking with fast accurate temperature changes when needed.  With a large recessed touchscreen and dial ergonomically positioned for an operator, multiple actions can be activated or stopped without wasted movement.

  • Pan: Select desired temperature, time, and heat zone for precise and uniform cooking.
  • Kettle: Auto fill and preheat with the touch of a button, set up to six timers.
  • Add optional basket lifts to easily cook pasta, retherm, and more.

Toolbox Control Menu

An integrated retractable sprayer helps make cleaning easy, but additional controls make sure cleaning is done right and when it is necessary.

  • Semi-Automatic Cleaning: Auto fills and prompts users through the cleaning process for simple clean up
  • Tools & Resources: User manual, service information, and more to keep PreciPan well maintained

Beauty + Function

Mouthwatering meals begin here. Deftly develop and enhance impeccable flavors in our braising pans.