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6 Gallon Electric Tilting Countertop Kettle

Model: #K6ETT

6 Gallon Electric Tilting Countertop Kettle

Model: #K6ETT

Dimensions( W x D x H): 21  3⁄4" x 15 1⁄2" x 33"

Power Source: Electric

Steam Jacket: 2/3

Capacity (Gallons): 6

True Working Capacity: Quarts=24; Gallons=6; Liters=23   

Input (V/kW): 208V/7.5kW; 240V/10kW

Manual lever tilt

Electric or direct steam (20 gallon electric only)

316 Stainless steel liner

50 PSI max. steam jacket pressure

Embossed gallon / liter markings

Reinforced bar rim

2-Position tilt lock (electric only)

True working capacity

Splash-proof control housing with on/off switch and temperature control (electric only)

Steam inlet flow control (direct steam only)

Faucet mount included

Ellipsoidal bottom kettle liner formed and fully welded type 316 and type 304 stainless steel exterior with 1⁄4 x 5⁄8 inch bar rim with butterfly shaped pouring lip and embossed gallon/liter markings, designed to operate at a maximum of 50 psi (3.4 kg/cm2)

Jacket contains water, rust inhibitor and antifreeze mixed to protect to 30° below zero

Removable electric elements are field serviceable

Stainless steel tilt handle can be mounted on either the right or left. Two position tilt lock, upright, 100° for emptying and cleaning

Stainless steel water tight control housing located on the right. Controls include a power switch, indicator light, solid state temperature control, vacuum/pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, low water light and low water shut-off

Faucet bracket

Mounting base includes lugs for bolting to counter top or floor stand

Shipped for 208/60-50/3 electrical service. Can be field converted to 208/60-50/1 and 240/60-50/3 and 240/60-50/1

One year limited parts and labor warranty

6 Gallon Electric Tilting Countertop Kettle

Model: #K6ETT

One piece lift-off stainless steel cover

Tilting kettle strainer

VEKT Kettle tables (see spec F31898)

VSKTEC Kettle stand (see spec F32603)

Single perforated stainless steel basket assembly

(12") (18" double jointed) single pantry faucet

(12") (18" double jointed) double pantry faucet

Double pantry washdown hose with 16" add-on faucet with backflow preventer

Double pantry washdown hose with backflow preventer

Double pantry pot filler and backflow preventer.

6 Gallon Electric Tilting Countertop Kettle

Model: #K6ETT

Security facility package

Security type tamper resistant fasteners with tack welds

480 volt, 60 Hz, 3 phase power supply

Second year extended limited parts and labor warranty

6 Gallon Electric Tilting Countertop Kettle

Model: #K6ETT

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