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Roxanne Holt

Top Chefs at the StarChef Congress Plan to Get Cookin' With Help From Vulcan

The 13th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress is a three-day event of cooking demonstrations, food-industry business seminars, hands-on workshops and fun. This year’s event is planned for October 21–23, and Vulcan is proud to announce its attendance and support of cutting-edge culinary trends.


Top Chefs Will Show Off Their Cooking Skills With Vulcan’s VCS

A Vulcan sponsored booth will be set up and equipped with the Versatile Chef Station (VCS), a compact multi-function cooking station that performs a wide array of cooking techniques with absolute precision and unmatched ease and efficiency. Throughout the two-day event, a collective group of world-renowned chefs will rotate to demonstrate their skills and showcase the versatility of the VCS. The impressive chef lineup includes:

  • 2015 Rising Star Chef Award winner John DeSilva from Spoke Wine Bar
  • Terence Fuery of 41North
  • Tyler Anderson from The Millwright
  • David Punch and Lydia Reichert from Sycamore

The VCS gives chefs the ability to braise, sear, steam, sauté, shallow fry, boil and more, all in one platform. During the chef demonstrations on the VCS, chefs will prepare a range of dishes to showcase their talents and the versatility of the equipment.


Check Out Workshop VCS18 With Chef Michael Gulotta

Michael Gulotta is a highly regarded chef from Maypop and MoPho who is known for creating food collaborations that utilize unique ingredients and traditions from the Southeast Asia community of New Orleans. During Workshop VCS18, Gulotta will work with contenders to create a trademark dish known as “boudin bao” that is perfectly stuffed with tasty ingredients and griddled on the VCS.


Watch Burger Masterpieces Come to Life During the Blended Burger Battle

One of the most exciting attractions at the Congress, the Blended Burger Battle brings together impressive team leaders, burger masters and judges in a competition to make mouths water for sure. Competitors will be cooking on Vulcan’s RRE series griddle, featuring Vulcan’s exclusive Rapid Recovery™ composite griddle plate.

Vulcan has been a trusted brand in kitchen equipment for more than 150 years, and we are proud to support the StarChefs International Chef’s Congress and the foodservice industry.


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