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Tionna Wells

When You Can't Deep Fry, Combi Fry.

No fryer in your school? No problem.

Your K-12 students love fried foods— there is no denying that. Most schools, however, do not allow oil fryers. Enter: the TCM Combi Oven. 

From crispy french fries to chicken patties, tenders, and nuggets, the TCM Combi can do it all – and healthier. With preset recipes for quality, consistency, and ease, the combi lets you cook more at once. Keep reading to learn why this oven would be a great addition to your kitchen.

Same great crunch: But healthier, with your food not soaking in oil.

With the TCM Combi, you can air fry food. Air frying is done by the combi oven blasting hot air that browns and crisps the menu items. This means you'll get the same golden, crispy fried items without added calories and fats from oils. This method also allows you to produce a high-quality taste that your students can enjoy.

Easy to use: Preset recipes for quality and consistent results from anyone in the kitchen.

The TCM Combi has a complete menu of products displayed as pictures.  A staff member just has to press the button of the desired recipe, and reliable results will be the outcome every time.  Training doesn't have to be a challenge ever again. Choose from preprogrammed recipes, or have a single person create and save custom recipes via USB.

Cook more at once: Allows you to cook large batches and a variety of items with no flavor transfer.

With the multiproduct feature, the TCM Combi allows you to cook multiple products and use multiple cooking methods at once. Multiproduct cooking becomes simple because the combi manages each shelf for you. You would load the pans, specify the shelf each item is on, and wait for the combi to let you know when each item finishes. With this feature, you can fry chicken nuggets and grill veggies simultaneously to get full meals to your students quicker.

Clean and safe: No oil to splash.

We all know that oil gets very hot, so it's not always ideal to work with. Working with oil also poses the risk of splashing. It can get on your nearby appliances, giving you extra cleanup work. That problem is avoided when using the TCM.

Easy to clean: TCM Combi is self-cleaning with the touch of a button. 

It's crucial to clean kitchen equipment consistently to prevent build-up. Combis must be cleaned daily, especially at the end of each cooking shift. With the TCM's self-cleaning feature, the end-of-day clean-up becomes quicker. There is also the cost benefit of being able to use your existing non-proprietary liquid detergent to easily wash away grease splatter from fried chicken, fish sticks, and tater tots in an automatic nightly cycle.

Saves time: There is never a need to rotate pans— saving time and effort for staff.

In addition to the combi allowing less time spent on manually cleaning, time is saved through auto cooking. Once a recipe is selected and the combi begins cooking, it monitors itself and stops when the food is done. Less time has to be spent rotating pans and monitoring the food, so more time can be spent cooking other items.

Want to learn more about the TCM Combi Oven? Watch Chef Pete Schellenbach use the TCM to fry multiple items at once here.

Happy Cooking!

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