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David Sager

The Versatility of Combi Ovens

From Bread to Beef, the Combi Does It All

Combi ovens are quickly becoming a mainstay in commercial restaurant kitchens because of their true versatility. Its core essentials control temperature and humidity for both dry heat cooking and humidity heat cooking. The most common benefits of combi ovens include:

  • Decrease cooking time (mostly because of humidity which transfers heat to the food in addition to temperature)
  • Improve food quality & consistency
  • Save on commercial kitchen equipment costs

The combi oven/steamer is just one piece of restaurant equipment that saves space and has multiple cooking capabilities. Bake, grill, roast, steam and much more with the combi oven. Its functionality of controlling temperature, time and humidity, makes it truly versatile for multiple types of product.

Combi ovens can bake bread, steam fish, braise a beef roast, roast a chicken and sous vide a strip loin. It proofs bread perfectly and can deliver a blast of steam for the perfect crust when baking. Many restaurant chefs bake artisanal breads like ciabatta, sourdough baguettes and oatmeal wheat. With the combi oven, chefs no longer have to think of methods for adding steam to traditional ovens to create the ideal baking environment. The combi oven does it for you no matter what food item. Cook a juicy roast chicken or any type of fish—the combi oven injects the necessary humidity and temperature to perfect any protein. Braise a beef roast to make the cut more tender and to develop more flavor extractives with a combi oven. With its high temperatures, you can produce complex flavor compounds. For a sous vide cooking style, trim the meat of a strip loin, add onion and wine, seal and cook in the combi on steam at 128 F (or desired temp).

If you’re looking for a versatile piece of professional kitchen equipment, check out the Vulcan ABC Combi Oven. With advanced technology like Precision Humidity Control and three-easy-to-use knobs, its simple controls deliver the ultimate in kitchen convenience. Just set the temperature and time.  Choose from either gas or electric combi models.

Whether you’re cooking fish, baking bread, roasting a chicken, braising a beef roast or cooking a strip loin, you can expect a delicious dish every time. The Vulcan Commercial Combi Oven features all stainless steel interior cooking compartment with a large LED display and a cool to the touch and energy efficient glass door.


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