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6-Level Gas Boilerless Combi Oven

Model: #TCM-61G

6-Level Gas Boilerless Combi Oven

Model: #TCM-61G

Multiple cooking capabilities include: Baking, steaming, roasting, grilling, air-fry, rethermalization, proofing, finishing, poaching, stewing, low temp, defrosting, cook & hold and more

Manual & Auto Cleaning wash system with water recirculation using non-proprietary liquid detergent and auto delime ability.

Continuous timer tracks up to 99:00 hours and minutes. Set, remaining or count time displayed

PC Software available for free download that matches machine functions allowing for transfer of recipes, photographs and profiles via USB

Twin control LCD touchscreen & knob

Gas: 56,000 BTU, 3⁄4" NPT female connection. Supply pressure should be: Natural 6.5" - 10" W.C.; Propane 54,000 BTU, 10" - 15" W.C. Ships as natural gas with field conversion kit included.

Electrical: 120/60/1 with 6' cord and plug NEMA L5-15 (field convert-ible). 4.4 amp max load at 120v.

Water Connection: Filtered and unfiltered cold water line female into 3/4" male NSHT (50-60 psi recommended for best results)

Drain: 1 ½" diameter. Drain tempering below 140°F via cold unfiltered water connection.

Cooking Temperature Range: 80-482°F with visual display of set and actual temperature

Clearance Required: Left 1.6", Back 0", Right 1.6"

External Dimensions (W x D x H): 36.2" x 33.3" x 35.4", Oven height with stand 62.9"

Hotel Pan Capacity of (6): 18" x 13" x 1" half sheet pans

or (6): 12" x 20" x 2.5" steam pans


6-Level Gas Boilerless Combi Oven

Model: #TCM-61G

6-Level Gas Boilerless Combi Oven

Model: #TCM-61G

Hollow Carbon Filter System - Good (Suggested Minimum):

  • CB15K-SYSTEM - 15,000 gal. (carbon only treatment)
  • CB30K-SYSTEM - 30,000 gal. (carbon only treatment) - Water Softening - Better (Carbon CBK System Required)
  • WS-40 - 40 lb. capacity (hard water treatment);Reverse Osmosis System - Best
  • V3MRO-1 up to 100 gpd capacity, single unit
  • V3MRO-2 up to 200 gpd capacity, double unit - Second year extended limited parts and labor warranty contract


6-Level Gas Boilerless Combi Oven

Model: #TCM-61G

Available for Quick Ship
for entry-level users
Full control
for skilled chefs
Auto Cleaning
for minimal maintenance


Entry Level Users

You want customers to keep coming back for consistently tasty products. But keeping responsible staff on board is a challenge, and training is an ongoing struggle, especially for those who have never cooked before. With your complete menu of products displayed as pictures, all staff has to do is press a button, and you’ll get reliable results every time.

Auto: Preprogrammed Ease

Create and save custom recipes, and simply touch a picture of the item you want to cook.

  • Preloaded with common recipes
  • Upload custom recipes via USB
  • Display only your favorites for quick access


You take pride in preparing great tasting meals for people. But in your busy kitchen, the last thing you have time for is learning how to use a complex piece of equipment to do it. Take advantage of the speed, precision and versatility of combi cooking with the TCM's easy-to-understand ABC operation.

abc: as simple as it gets

With Vulcan’s exclusive ABC display, operators choose the temp + time, and the optimal humidity level is automatically set. It’s combi cooking at its easiest. No need to worry about extra settings or staff stopping workflow for assistance.

  • Immediate confidence and zero frustration for operators
  • Training in minutes, not days
  • Keeps your kitchen productive

highly skilled

With years of experience, you’re a leader in the industry and you don’t take shortcuts. There’s artistry to what you do. Choice ingredients are your palette, and the TCM is your arsenal of brushes. Everything you need to execute your vision is right at your fingertips— all in one hard-working piece of equipment.

jet: more control when you need it

The JET display lets you manually change settings on the spot, so you can use the oven exactly how you want.

  • Choose convection, steam or combi cooking
  • Set your desired humidity level and adjust fan speed
  • Cook with food probe to your desired temp

Beauty + Function

In your kitchen, you master your tools and techniques—and control time. With our combi ovens, your creations are ready to be served, precisely as you intended.


What sets the TCM Combi Oven apart?

Touch-N-Go recipes

Picture based selections for preprogrammed recipes.

Make it quick and easy for entry level operators to achieve repeatable results for quality output.

Exclusive Twin Control

Intuitive use with both a knob and a touchscreen.

Quick and easy to manipulate, even when wearing gloves.

Optimal Humidity Settings

Humidity level control automatically adjusts after setting temperature in ABC display.

Taking the guesswork out of the combi cooking to get the most from your most versatile piece of cooking equipment.

Auto Clean
Hands-Free Detergent Dosing

Use Vulcan's high quality Combi Oven Detergent (Part# VDL), Rinse Aid Descaler (Part# VRL), or any other commercial combi cleaning products on the market.

Unlike competitor combi ovens, the TCM is not limited to costly proprietary cleaners.

Demonstrations are the best way to get a close-up look at what sets Vulcan products apart. Simply contact us to arrange a no-obligation meeting.