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36" MSA Series Flat Top Gas Griddle Grill

Model: #MSA36

griddle gas grill
griddle gas grill

36" MSA Series Flat Top Gas Griddle Grill

Model: #MSA36

Dimensions (W x D x H): 36" x 33" x 15 1/4"

Total BTUs: 81,000

Burners: 3

Power Source: Gas (Natural or Propane)

Plate Thickness: 1"

Embedded snap action thermostat provides durability and precise griddle temperature control from 200°F to 550°F on Steel or Chrome plates. Temperature adjusts from 200°F to 450°F on Rapid Recovery™ plate.

27,000 BTUs per 12" section, U-shaped steel burners

1" thick steel plate, 24" deep (also available in 30" deep)

1 supervised pilot safety valve for every 2 burners; valve will completely shut off gas to pilot and burners if pilot extinguishes or gas supply is interrupted

Cool bull nose design keeps the grill front rail cool to the touch at all times

3/4" rear gas pressure regulator supplied with the unit. Supports either natural gas or propane gas.

Fully welded stainless and aluminized steel chassis frame

11" low profile cooking height on 4" adjustable legs

Spatula wide 3½" grease gutter and chute is fully welded for easier cleaning and to stop grease migration

Large 6 quart stainless steel grease drawer

Heavy duty chromed thermostat knob guards

Manual ignition

Bottom heat shields

Vulcan Clamshell compatible

One year limited parts and labor warranty

All Vulcan Griddles are designed to be used on refrigerated, freezer bases or equipment stands

Standing pilot ignition system

36" MSA Series Flat Top Gas Griddle Grill

Model: #MSA36

36" MSA Series Flat Top Gas Griddle Grill

Model: #MSA36

Full or partially grooved griddle plate (steel or chrome plate only)

Rapid Recovery™ griddle plate (200-450°F controls, 48" maximum length)

Hexavalent chrome plated cooking surface

30" deep plate (steel plate only)

Stainless steel stand with marine edges and casters

Cutting board, condiment rail, plate rail and banking strip accessories

Correctional Facility griddle security package

36" MSA Series Flat Top Gas Griddle Grill

Model: #MSA36

commercial griddle

What sets our Griddles apart?

From customizable griddle cooking platforms for commercial restaurants to plug-and-play models for hotels and stadiums, Vulcan offers a wide range of gas and electric countertop griddles to meet any foodservice’s unique operational needs. Our griddles exclusively feature innovations like Rapid Recovery™ composite plate material for increased production and IRX™ infrared burner technology to reduce gas spend in any industrial kitchen.

Which griddle plate is right for me?

Use our comparison chart to choose the best griddle plate for your kitchen.

Griddle Accessories

Condiment Rail

Cutting Board

Plate Rail

Beauty + Function

Crispy, fluffy, chewy—griddles produce delectable, memorable textures. Vulcan griddles are your palette and canvas for recipes of any size or quantity.