GR Series Heavy Duty Four Battery Gas Fryer with KleenScreen PLUS®

Vulcan Equipment GR Series Four Battery Gas Fryer with KleenScreen PLUS®
  • Product Image 1
Product Image 1

  • Professional fryer ideal for high volume commercial operations
  • Four heavy duty tanks each with twin fry baskets and plastic-coated handles
  • Built in KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration System makes this heavy duty fryer easy to maintain and clean
  • Perfect for professional-quality fried chicken, fish, french fries or poppers
  • Ideal for operations equipped with propane or natural gas power sources

The GR Series large capacity gas fryer sets the standard for productivity and ease-of-use. Professional food service operations can enjoy high output with consistent results with this four battery commercial deep fryer thanks to features like durable stainless steel construction and Vulcan's patented KleenScreen PLUS® Filtration System. Available for both natural and propane gas, this top-performing, heavy duty deep fryer is designed to meet the demands of any large-scale food service operation, such as industrial kitchens, independent restaurants, cafeterias and stadiums.

best in class
energy star
Kitchen Innovations AwardGas Foodservice Equipment Network


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Oil Capacity: 180 lbs

Tank Size: 14" x 14"

Dimensions (W x D x H): 62" x 30 1/8" x 36 1/4"

BTU/hr: 480,000

Number of Tanks: 4 

Oil Capacity per Fryer: 45 lb

Battery: 4

Power Source: Gas

Controls: Millivolt Controls

Available with Filtration System


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