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Meghan Peiffer

Charbroiler Cleaning Demonstration – Maintaining a Clean Restaurant Kitchen

Charbroilers are known for giving appealing markings and unmatchable flavor profiles to a variety of menu items.  To maintain consistent brand marks and keep food tasting rich with smoky flavors, it is essential to stay on a charbroiler cleaning schedule. Frequent commercial grill cleaning keeps food tasting fresh and ensures satisfaction from your customers.

In this video, you will learn how easy it is to clean and maintain Vulcan’s VTEC Series charbroiler. The VTEC cooking grates are constructed from 304 stainless steel and the patented grate design virtually eliminates flare-ups. This minimizes convective air by keeping grease away from the open flame. Instead, moisture and grease turns into a smoky vapor that enhances charbroiled flavors that your customers crave.  The VTEC also features patented IRX® burner technology.  It is a true infrared platform that brings energy savings, productivity and ease of operation to any kitchen.

Cleaning the VTEC charbroiler is a very easy process. Just follow these simple instructions.

  1. To maintain consistent brand marks, season the top surface of the grates with vegetable oil prior to service.
  2. At the end of daily service, rake the grill and allow the unit to run on max for 10 minutes. Turn off the unit completely, wipe the grates and allow the unit to cool. Remove the grates and set them aside.
  3. Use a two to three inch scraper or putty knife to loosen any debris on the emitter panel, then brush debris into the crumb tray. Cleaning the emitter panels is a dry process – do not use water or cleaning supplies.
  4. Once finished, return cooking grates to the unit.
  5. Finally, empty the crumb tray.

For more restaurant kitchen cleaning tips and how to videos, click the Maintain filter on the left side of our blog. For additional commercial grill cleaning tips and information on how to operate your VTEC Series charbroiler, refer to the operations manual on Vulcan’s website.


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