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Roxanne Holt

Commercial Range Cleaning and Maintenance: Five Quick Tips

Your commercial kitchen range is a big investment. The good news? It’s an investment that pays off in the form of performance and productivity. But both of those things stand to suffer if you don’t keep your range in optimal working performance. Read on for a roundup of cleaning and maintenance tips for this invaluable piece of commercial kitchen equipment.


1. Consult your commercial range’s installation and operation manual.

No two commercial ranges are created equal. For example, a commercial electric stove with a salamander broiler will have different cleaning requirements than a double oven gas range. Be sure to consult the manual from your kitchen equipment manufacturer before cleaning your range.


2. Make — and stick to — a range cleaning schedule.

A clean and well-maintained range performs at its best.  Conversely, a range that is dirty or in need of maintenance suffers in both performance and productivity. For example, the accumulation of grease in gas burners can cause incomplete combustion, which reduces the efficiency of your range and could possibly cause safety concerns. Plus, the more frequently you clean light soils, the longer you can go between major cleanings. The takeaway? Set a cleaning schedule which designates daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Then, make sure your kitchen staff sticks to it.


3. Make sure your range is off and cool.

For safety, make sure all knobs and controls are off and the oven and cooktop are completely cool before cleaning. Refrain from wiping down inside surfaces and components until they’re cool, as well.


4. Use soap, water and a soft cloth unless otherwise noted

Harsh chemicals and abrasives can damage certain surfaces. Unless otherwise specified, use mild soap, water and a soft cloth to clean your range. Also, be sure to rinse and wipe dry properly to prevent damage, stains and streaks, and use caution cleaning around the model and serial number plate to avoid removing them.


5. Attend to spills promptly.

Clean all crumbs, spills and other residue as promptly as possible to avoid burning-on and prevent bacterial growth and corrosion. Pay special attention to tomato sauce, vinegar, and other acidic foods.

One last thing to keep in mind when cleaning your range? If you notice signs of wear and tear or if you are unable to properly clean an element of your range, call a service representative. Making small repairs early can prevent larger, more expensive ones down the line.


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