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Tionna Wells
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A Deep Dive into QuickFry™

Restaurants operate at a fast pace, and every minute in the kitchen is an opportunity to create exceptional dishes and satisfy customers while increasing revenue. This pace calls for equipment that can keep up with the demands of operations. Enter the Vulcan QuickFry™ Fryer, the latest addition to the Vulcan Fryer lineup.

The Big Picture

Available in 50-pound and 70-pound tank capacities, the QuickFry™ offers versatility to suit various kitchen needs. Its precise, solid-state temperature controls (available in analog, digital, or computer configurations) shorten training time and ensure consistent results from batch to batch. Plus, with up to 18 menu timers on the computer control, users can easily manage multiple cooking tasks simultaneously. The timers remind users when to shake or remove baskets— reducing user error and leading to more consistent results.

Putting the Quick in QuickFry™

What truly sets the QuickFry™ apart from competitors is its speed. This speed comes in the form of high productivity, quick recovery, and fast, safe, filtering. QuickFry™ was designed specifically for chains or multi-unit operations, and any large volume operations that need fryers with high productivity and quality.

The test of consistency in fryers is how fast the oil returns to temperature after a new product is added, and for the QuickFry™ this time is quick. QuickFry™ VHG75 will recover temperature in about 17 seconds. However, the QuickFry™ VHG50 can recover oil temperature in UNDER 10 seconds. This quick recovery results in higher productivity and consistent products throughout the day. No more waiting 30-60 seconds for oil temperatures to recover between batches or dropping product into a low temperature fryer.

Effortless Oil Management

Oil management becomes effortless with QuickFry™'s optional KleenScreen PLUS® filtration system, transforming what could be a pain point into a seamless process. With QuickFry™, users can drop, filter, refill, and reheat in under three minutes. The more often oil is filtered, the longer it will last. The QuickFry™’s quick filtering process makes it easy to filter frequently without disrupting the normal cooking schedule. Ultimately, operators could double or even triple the life of their oil with this quick filtering between dayparts, reducing operational costs in the long run.

Vulcan’s KleenScreen PLUS® filtration adds another important benefit— safety. Choosing built-in filtration means the operator never has to touch hot oil, enhancing workplace safety and minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, by maintaining cleaner oil through frequent filtration, food quality is maintained. Check out our operational video that shows the ease of filtering!

Energy Savings

At the heart of the QuickFry™ is a commitment to energy savings without compromising cooking quality. The back wall of the fryer becomes an additional heat source focusing more BTU energy back into the oil that other fryers waste by sending it up the flue and into the hood. As a result, the VHG50 has a 56% cooking energy efficiency and VHG75 a 58% efficiency! It is also ENERGY STAR® Certified, ensuring you save on utility costs. This fryer can be paired with our other ENERGY STAR® Certified products to improve overall energy efficiency in operations.

Unmatched versatility

This fryer doesn't only thrive in chain operations, but it is a high performer for any operation during any day part. Whether you're frying crispy chicken tenders, golden French fries, or delicate churros, QuickFry™ provides consistent and uniform results every time in any operation, large or small, from one location to thousands. 

Elevate Your Operation

The QuickFry™ was created to elevate the way you fry. It's the perfect solution for operations looking to elevate their frying game while maximizing profitability and efficiency. For more information or to see QuickFry™ in action, contact your local sales rep or watch our online training video.

Ready to install your new QuickFry™? With our FREE New Equipment Checkout through Hobart Service, a Vulcan product expert will verify the new equipment was installed accurately and is functioning properly — giving you greater peace of mind.

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