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Kitchen Design Gets a Remodel with Vulcan's MOD suite and Design Solutions

A commercial kitchen is a wonderful thing - it provides the equipment and environment to cook for the masses. Foodservice operators, chefs, and restaurateurs can find great success and reward in this trillion-dollar industry. However, with high reward comes high risk. A lot can go wrong in a kitchen operation, and not all kitchens are designed equally. Labor retention and training barriers can be a struggle, and one day a concept may be in and the next day it's so over. While some issues are unavoidable, some can be mitigated with the right planning and design up front. When it comes to designing cookline solutions for a successful and optimized operation, the right cookline suite makes all the difference. Enter the Vulcan MOD suite. 

Vulcan MOD Suite: a Cut Above the Rest

A cookline suite is an island cooking system made up of cooking equipment and particular stations connected to one another. Traditional suites - often with a single-piece stainless top - have the right form but lack flexibility. This translates to disruption or downtime whenever there's a repair or cleaning on one piece of equipment.  

Vulcan's new MOD suite incorporates all the desirable elements of a suite, plus modularity for ultimate flexibility and futureproofing. In a Vulcan MOD suite cookline, equipment is on casters and hooked up to a center utility distribution system, making it easy to move equipment piece by piece. Equipment in the MOD suite can easily be accessed for maintenance and swapped in and out for different equipment to easily keep up with menu and concept changes. While Vulcan is not the only manufacturer to offer a modular suite, we are the best-in-class when it comes to quality and service. When building cookline solutions with the MOD suite, we do everything in-house, from Revit modeling and H-frame build to the electrical and plumbing ensuring quality and consistency at every step.  

Vulcan’s Comprehensive Modeling Process

The design process of commercial kitchen development is arguably the most important. This process is crucial to ensuring there are no errors in the final installation. To provide optimal support for our clients and food service end users, we've collaborated with industry-leading designers to determine the best way to utilize Revit drawings in the design process.  

Vulcan's Revit modeling approach is tailored specifically to the food equipment industry, addressing common issues found in manufacturers' existing Revit content. Revit models are the industry preferred 3D files that make up a kitchen design. Understanding the importance of comprehensive design files, we've developed a robust Revit Design Library. The major benefit of our Revit process lies in its simplicity and efficiency for design exploration. Designers can easily visualize equipment in various configurations and accessory combinations. Our library prioritizes parametric accuracy and adherence to FCSI standards, ensuring attention to detail.

By having access to this extensive Revit library, designers can identify design errors or conflicts between equipment early on that could be costly to fix in the final project state. This level of precision and foresight provides peace of mind throughout the design process, facilitating seamless project execution from design development to installation.  

We understand that every project is different. Our Design Team provides continuous Revit support, custom drawings and deliverables with quick turnaround on revisions to meet the unique requirements of each project. Out with the traditional process of island suite design and in with truly modular alternatives and flexible processes— like the Vulcan MOD suite and Revit Design Library. We're here to revolutionize your culinary experience, one innovative solution at a time. 

For more information, contact Vulcan Project Manager - Custom and Heavy-Duty Products, Alex Piñero. Subscribe to our design and consultants email subscription list for updates.

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