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David Sager
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Stop Training and Start Cooking With the New Restaurant Combi

Eliminating extensive training and complex controls, the new Restaurant Combi features both high performance and intuitive, simple operation. It’s built to deliver the precision cooking chefs require with the ease of use the line needs to take advantage of the speed, versatility and product quality combi cooking offers.

Here’s a closer look at three ways the Restaurant Combi is a restaurant industry game-changer.


1. It sets the bar for user-friendliness.

If ease of use is a priority in your kitchen, the Restaurant Combi’s “walk up and use” design does not disappoint. Because of the simple controls, the Restaurant Combi is suitable for use by kitchen staff of all skill levels. And because it’s so easy to use, it also minimizes training time — thereby reducing the impact of turnover. For restaurant kitchens that have struggled with language barriers in the past, the Restaurant Combi’s intuitive interface helps eliminate this problem for more streamlined operations in the kitchen.


2. It hits the ground running.

Thanks to an automatic humidity setting, the Restaurant Combi offers “out of the box” functionality  — ideal for supporting both performance and productivity. While complex programming can be a pain point for many restaurants, the pre-programmable functionality of the Restaurant Combi spares users’ wasted time and frustration. Users set the time and temperature, and let the Restaurant Combi do the rest.


3. It lets operators have as much (or as little) control as they need.

Chefs roasting or baking beef, chicken, veal, fish and more exotic proteins will appreciate the integrated cooking probe that permits cooking to an exact internal temperature. It also can be used to spot-check internal temperature at any time. To achieve perfectly even results every time, the Restaurant Combi features an onboard 3-speed fan that offers full power for standard menu fare, and 2 slower speeds ideal for delicate items. By simply selecting the speed, chefs can easily choose the optimal heat circulation that best meets their needs no matter what’s on the menu. It’s a multitasking marvel.

The Restaurant Combi is much more than a mere convection oven or steamer. Rather, it’s been meticulously engineered to help today’s busy restaurants trim ticket-to-table times with no sacrifice in food quality while reducing product waste. Combined, these lead to happier customers, better reviews, and enhanced ROI.

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