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Tionna Wells
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Do More with Less: Vulcan PreciPan™

Kitchens are becoming smarter than ever with the integration of smart cooking technology. Combine smart, intuitive technology with the versatility of a braising pan, and you get the Vulcan intelligent braising pan, PreciPan™. Offering precise, multifunctional cooking, the PreciPan™ has voltage options of 208, 240, or 480 volts and is available in 28-gallon and 40-gallon sizes, catering to both standard and high-volume operations. This intelligent braising pan was designed to make operations— from K-12 kitchens to independent restaurants— more efficient and productive.

Smart Cooking

The PreciPan™ is not an average braising pan. Users can boil, braise, sauté, sear, and more like other braising pans, but all at the touch of a button on the large touchscreen. This intelligent touchscreen is the same familiar interface used on products like the Vulcan TCM Combi Oven and Minijet™ Combi. It is intuitive and easy to use so minimal training is required even if a user is new to the interface.

The two user interfaces, AUTO and MANUAL, provide flexibility in control. AUTO mode grants access to dozens of pre-programmed recipes ranging from proteins, vegetables, and sides to desserts like custards. Users can also upload and program their recipes, allowing for easy menu customization. When selecting a programmed recipe, PreciPan™ automatically sets the temperature, and time, and even fills the tank with water, ensuring consistent results each time, regardless of staff skill level.

Looking for more control over the cooking process? MANUAL mode allows users to set the exact amount of water for auto-fill and schedule up to six individual timers to cook multiple portions simultaneously. There's an experience for every user!

Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

Designed to save space and boost production, the PreciPan™ offers two main operating modes: Pan and Kettle. Pan mode features multiple heat zones with accurate temperature control, allowing users to cook multiple items, at different temperatures and different times. Making chicken fajitas in bulk? Just sauté the vegetables at 375°F in one zone and sear the chicken at 425°F in another to increase output and efficiency. It is that easy!

Kettle mode features an automatic basket lift and automatic water fill to make boiling for recipes a breeze. These are features that are not included with traditional braising pans, making this pan a standout!

Clean with Ease

We understand that a clean kitchen is essential. That is why we designed PreciPan™'s semi-automatic cleaning function to simplify the task. At the touch of a button, the pan will automatically fill with water and heat to the temperature needed for cleaning. It will also prompt users to add detergent, rinse, and drain. Speaking of draining— the integrated drain eliminates the need for an external one, reducing installation costs. This semi-automatic cleaning ensures quick and consistent results, keeping your kitchen safe and sanitary.

Accessorize Your Pan

PreciPan™ has various accessories that enhance the cooking experience. Auto lift arm, baskets, and strainer come standard with the pan to assist with tasks. The optional pan trolley is the perfect accessory for unloading food from the front without spilling or splattering when tilting the pan, reducing the chance of injury and food waste. The probe accessory, which is compatible with the Vulcan TCM and Minijet combi, can be used to cook to a precise internal temperature instead of cooking by time, making it a great tool for overnight cooking to the perfect doneness. Overnight cooking in PreciPan™ when staff is not in the kitchen, means more revenue for the same investment in labor, real estate, and equipment. The accessory list also includes a scraper for ease of use.

Make Your Kitchen Smarter

The PreciPan™ is the perfect solution for operations looking to cook more with less equipment to maximize productivity and efficiency. It integrates seamlessly into any kitchen setup, providing flexibility and control over a wide range of cooking tasks. For more information or to see PreciPan™ in action, contact your local sales rep or watch our online training video. Make your kitchen smarter, it’s a no-brainer! 

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