Vulcan minijet combi Oven

Goodbye Complexity.
Hello Capability.

It’s a revolution in simplicity. Finally, the Minijet makes combi cooking as easy as ABC, all in an oven sized to thrive in your kitchen. The Minijet takes the complexity out of combi cooking so you can take full advantage of the speed, precision and versatility combis offer.


To get the most out of your kitchen, think ...


Easy to use with
control touch and knob


Done-for-you settings
take complexity out


Full combi performance
in a compact size

Three displays. One for every level of experience.

For Experienced Professionals

Your day is too busy to learn how to use a complex piece of equipment. Here’s how to simplify cooking in your kitchen.

Learn more about ABC

For Chefs

When food is your passion, you want complete control. Here’s how to achieve the level of perfection you demand.

Learn more about JET

For Quick Serve or Store Owners

Producing consistent quality with revolving staff is a challenge. Here’s how to get folks up to speed with the touch of a button.

Learn more about AUTO

ABC: As simple as it gets

With Vulcan’s exclusive ABC display, operators choose the temp + time, and the optimal humidity level is automatically set. It’s combi cooking at its easiest. No need to worry about extra settings or staff stopping workflow for assistance.

  • Immediate confidence and zero frustration for operators
  • Training in minutes, not days
  • Keeps your kitchen productive

Ideal for average to highly skilled users

You take pride in preparing great tasting meals for people. But in your busy kitchen, the last thing you have time for is learning how to use a complex piece of equipment to do it. Take advantage of the speed, precision and versatility of combi cooking with the Minijet’s easy-to-understand ABC operation.

Auto humidity settings are based on temperature:

  • Cooking Method
  • Temp ℉
  • Humidity %

Preset humidity levels may be changed manually.


The JET display lets you manually change settings on the spot, so you can use the oven exactly how you want.

  • Choose convection, steam or combi cooking
  • Set your desired humidity level and adjust fan speed
  • Cook with food probe to your desired temp


With years of experience, you’re a leader in one of the busiest and hardest industries in America, and you don’t take shortcuts. There’s artistry to what you do. Choice ingredients are your palette, and the Minijet is your arsenal of brushes. Everything you need to execute your vision is right at your fingertips— all in one hard-working piece of equipment.


Create and save custom recipes, and simply touch a picture of the item you want to cook.

  • Preloaded with common recipes
  • Upload custom recipes via USB
  • Display only your favorites for quick access


You want customers to keep coming back for consistently tasty products. But keeping responsible staff on board is a challenge, and training is an ongoing struggle, especially for those who have never cooked before. With your complete menu of products displayed as pictures, all staff has to do is press a button, and you’ll get reliable results every time.

Sized to thrive in your kitchen

Get all the cooking performance of a standard combi oven in a compact package.

With a narrow footprint of less than 21 inches wide, Minijet can fit into very small spaces.

Unique back design with recessed utilities lets you place the Minijet close to a wall. In fact, it has zero clearance requirements for left, right or back.

Pans slide directly onto guide racks to maximize capacity. Accommodates (4) 12"x20"x2.5" or (6) 12"x20"x1" pans (steam or half-size sheet pans).

Designed to be your kitchen's MVP

minijet Specifications

Vulcan Minijet Combi Oven Steamer, Electric, Boilerless, Left or Right hinged door, hotel pan capacity of (4) 12"x20"x2.5" or (6) 12"x20"x1" pans.

Model #: MINI-JET - Left Hinged Door; MINI-JETR - Right Hinged Door.

All units ship 208v/60/3 phase wiring with 6’ cord and L15-30P NEMA plug. Field convertible to 208/60/1, 240/60/1, or 240/60/3.

One year limited parts and labor warranty.

NOTE: Water is a customer supplied utility just like Gas and Electric to the equipment. Proper water filtration based on customer water quality is essential to meet the equipment water spec requirements. A suitable water treatment system and regular filter replacements coupled with routine cleaning/deliming is required.


External Height: 28½" (flush mount), 32½" (with legs)
External Width and Depth: 20⅝" W, 33½" D (37" with handle)
Oven Height with stand: 64" overall (stand height 35½")
Cavity Height: 12¾", Width: 15⅛", Depth: 24½"
Machine Weight: 190 lbs.
Stand Weight: 60 lbs.


  • MINI-STAND: Stainless steel stand with two shelves, adjustable feet and floor flanges
  • MINI-PROBE3: Core food probe with multipoint sensors
  • MINI-3RACK: GN1/1 Kit of 3 stainless steel wire racks
  • MINI-SPRAY: Spray Hose Kit
  • CB15K-SYSTEM: Single Hollow Carbon Filter System with 15,000 gallon capacity
  • CB30K-SYSTEM: Single Hollow Carbon Filter System with 30,000-gallon capacity
  • V3MRO-1: Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System—Capable of 100 gpd
  • V3MRO-2: Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System—Capable of 200 gpd
  • Other options and accessories are available
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