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Roxanne Holt

V Series Ranges Lead to Ultimate Organization

An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. When it comes to small spaces, however, getting organized can be the ultimate challenge. A perfect solution for literally helping today’s busy professional foodservice operations which find themselves in tight spots? Vulcan’s ingenious V Series Cabinets.


A Common Predicament

You’re far from alone if you find that space is at a premium in your restaurant. Per BigHospitality, “With restaurant sites becoming ever harder to find and competition for the best and largest ones increasing, many chefs and restaurant operators are being forced to be creative when it comes to choosing the venue where they can make their business dreams come true. Sometimes this means they accept smaller than desired sites or those with less practical layouts.”

While managing a small spot may take more upfront planning, you’ll be glad you took the time, say chefs who have overcome the same obstacles. As neighborhood restaurant owner Jonas Karlsson told BigHospitality, “I would say to others doing the same, plan well and get everything you need at the start, because once you open you’ll have so many other things to think about you won’t have time to change your kitchen.”


Don’t Just Think Small…Think Smart

Sure, choosing petite yet powerful equipment like the multitasking Minijet™ Combi Oven from Vulcan can help you make the most of your square footage. But size isn’t everything. Also invaluable? The ability to efficiently configure your equipment to maximize both space and storage.

Take Vulcan’s V Series Stainless Steel Restaurant Ranges, Cabinets, and Oven Bases. Modular from top to bottom and from side to side, these square footage-maximizing, heavy-duty ranges, cabinets and bases offer unprecedented flexibility aimed at helping you configure your kitchen in a way that overcomes space constraints and promotes optimal productivity.  Select from your choice of interchangeable top sections — including griddles, charbroilers, open burners, French tops, and hot tops — as well as like-sized refrigerated bases and cabinets in standard, convection, and finishing ovens. Widths range from a tidy 12 to a roomy 36 inches, while features like stainless steel construction and adjustable legs embody the masterful design elements upon which the Vulcan name was made.

And choosing the V Series isn’t just an investment in mindful space usage; it’s also an investment in staff morale. Per Houston Chronicle, “Ergonomics is the number one consideration in the design of kitchen space. Commercial kitchens should be designed for maximum labor efficiency, safety and functionality. Make sure that there is plenty of room to move about freely when carrying hot pots and bulky supplies. If employees do not have to waste time and extra movement completing a task, efficiency is increased and fatigue and workplace injuries are reduced.”

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Vulcan V Series equipment? Just as your kitchen operations are dynamic, so is the V Series. Need to change things up after the initial installation? The V Series is designed to adapt and grow in time with your restaurant.



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