VSX Series Commercial Gas Countertop Food Steamer Oven

Vulcan Equipment VSX Series Gas Countertop Steamers
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  • A la carte steamer with stainless steel exterior and cooking compartment with coved interior corners
  • Controls include 60-minute timer, buzzer, cook/ready light and power switch for easy operation of this food steamer 
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel door
  • Convenient deliming port
  • Split water line connection
  • 4" legs

Vulcan's VSX gas countertop steamer is ideal for operations preferring to run on either natural gas or propane.  Electronic controls include a 60-minute timer with buzzer and ready / cook lights.  An ignition light also informs the operator that the steam generator has filled, the gas burner has ignited and that the steam generator is heating.  The 45,000 BTU/hr. steamer also includes 4" legs for countertop operation.

best in class
energy star
Kitchen Innovations AwardGas Foodservice Equipment Network


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Gas Countertop Steamers

Pan Capacity: 5

Input (BTU/hr): 45,000 

Steam Generators: 1

Power Source: Gas

Configuration: Counter

Type: Generator Based

Available with the Just 4 Schools program


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